Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) Working Group Activities

Private Investment for Enhanced Resilience (PIER)

Compilation of Best Management Practices to Reduce Operational Emissions from Palm Oil Production

Feed the Future Resilient Agricultural Markets Activity (RAMA) – Nacala Corridor

Value Chains for Rural Development in Burma (VC-RD)

Vietnam Forests and Deltas (VFD)

Ghana Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Project (AgNRM)

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Cambodia Supporting Forests and Biodiversity (SFB)

Feed the Future KISAN

Pakistan Agricultural Development (PAD)

Feed the Future Asia Innovative Farmers Activity (AIFA)

Safe Aqua Farming for Economic and Trade Improvement (SAFETI)

Philippines Cold Chain Project (PCCP)


Bangladesh FY15 Food for Peace (Nobo Jatra)

Farmer-to-Farmer for Agriculture Education and Training

Asia Farmer-to-Farmer

Guinea Agriculture Education and Market Improvement Program

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Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS)



Feed the Future Bangladesh Women's Empowerment Activity (WEA)

Africa LEAD II

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Ghana MOCA-Youth Project

Egypt FAS

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PPP for 4Gs

The Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil or Aliansi Sawit Lestari Indonesia (ASLI)

The Pasture Project

Delta Innovation Fund


Capacity for Food Chains

Ethiopia LAND

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Liberia SHOPS II

Creating Regional Investments and Strategic Partnerships

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Building Food Safety Information Technology

Christopher Dowswell Scholarship Fund

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Kenya Smallholder Solar Irrigation Project (KSSI)

P4P Water Quality

Wallace Center

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Strengthening Partnerships, Results and Innovations in Nutrition Globally

Sasakawa Africa Fund for Education (SAFE)

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Smallholder Protocol for Peat

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Tanzania Global Water for Sustainability (GLOWS)

Regional Food Systems Development

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Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests (LEAF)

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Liberia Food and Enterprise Development

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Ontario Pay-for-Performance

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Strengthening Sustainable Farming and Local Food Systems

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Capacity for Food Chains in Mississippi

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Smallholder Coconut Farmer Empowerment Project 2

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Farmers Market Promotion Program 2014

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HCS Allometric Equations

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Building a Maryland Food Hub Network

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Packard Foundation-Reducing GHG in Palm Oil Sector

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ARISE Teacher Support Program

Building Capacity for Regional Food Systems

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Cold Chain Bangladesh Alliance